Terrorism Preparedness

Like natural disasters a terrorist attack can strike at any time and without warning. Preparing yourself against a variety of terrorism threats may seem a futile effort but there are a number of precautionary measures you can take to aid you and your family in the event of a terrorist attack.

Terrorism covers a wide range of threats from hand guns and explosives to chemical and biological weapons. Protecting yourself from every imaginable threat is near impossible but having specific supplies on hand can greatly reduce the likelihood of harm and or injury and some supplies can be crucial to reducing the damage of an attack. Treat a terrorist attack the way you would respond to any natural disaster and have the essential safety supplies on hand to deal with the aftermath.

Acts of terror are often meant to cause widespread panic and confusion. In addition to inflicting heavy casualties terrorists will try to disrupt aspects of everyday life including the supply of power and electricity, available food and drinking water emergency rations and other necessities. Plan in advance to have a fully stocked emergency preparedness kit so you can anticipate likely scenarios and be able to provide first response attention.

A quality emergency preparedness kit will include a wide variety of safety supplies that can be used to combat a terrorist attack. Your safety kit should always include enough clean drinking water and non-perishable foods to last at least three days. You will also want to have flashlights, cell phones or two-way radios and plenty of spare batteries and chargers to keep your portable electronic devices powered.

Though it hasn't happened on a large scale yet the chances of a terrorist attack taking out power to millions is a possibility and being able to see at night and communicate with rescue teams and local officials and police can save lives. There will be a lot of confusion and panic in the aftermath of a terrorist attack so having access to news and information is crucial.

Other recommended items for a terrorist preparedness kit include duct tape, plastic sheeting, bandages, anti-bacteria ointments, eye wash and chemical wash, sanitation supplies and other items that will allow you and your family to be self-sufficient for up to three days.
Be prepared for sudden terror attacks by keeping your home or office stocked with emergency supplies including radios, flashlights and bandages.