Empty First Aid and Disaster Kits

Organization and proper storage are a must in case of an emergency. It is critical to be able to move and store essential supplies safely and in one spot for transport and use in case of a disaster. Choose from three, four or five shelf storage cabinets with storage compartments and an easy to carry handle for on the go or wall mount feature for stationary use. Storage cabinets are commonly used for first aid supplies storing everything from bandages to over the counter medications which allows for necessary organization in case of emergency.

Other storage items include storages bags in a variety of types including cooler bags for beverages and food, fanny packs, backpacks and soft trauma kit bags that are compartmentalized and designed for easy access when needed. For vehicles we also carry a line of first aid storage containers and you can buy many of the essential first aid products to fill the vehicle containers direct from our online catalog. Be prepared with our storage containers and organize your essential first aid and disaster needs with 1staidsupplies.com. 

Keep all your emergency survival supplies well stored by using our durable first aid kits, safety cabinets and backpacks.