Spill Clean-Up Kits

 If you work in an environment that handles hazardous materials such as battery acid, chemical waste and oils shop the great selection of spill clean up kits at 1st Aid Supplies. Spills can cause a lot of damage to the facility as well as the employees in the area of the spill and the better prepared you are to safely and quickly clean the spill the better chance you have of avoiding injuries and illness. 

Our high quality spill kits contain essential supplies for dealing with hazardous spills inlcuding chemical socks, Hazmat pillows, chemical resistant gloves, yellow disposable bags with ties and protective goggles. If left untreated a chemical spill can be fatal and without the proper equipment and supplies to effectively deal with a dangerous spill you may be endangering the lives of your employees and could be facing potential lawsuits. Avoid such hassles by having durable spill kits in your building. 

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Spills of chemicals and other hazardous materials can happen on any job site, so it is essential for companies to have plans and materials ready to deal with cleanup. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) applies to employees who are or may be exposed to hazardous substances and those who are involved in cleanup efforts.

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If a spill occurs, evacuate and barricade the immediate area. Identify the spilled substance and notify the spill response team. Extinguish or disconnect all sources of ignition. Notify the fire department if the material is flammable. Contain and clean up the spill and dispose of materials in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Your company should be prepared with supplies that may be needed to contain and clean up a spill. Spill containment tools can include drain protectors, drain plugs, chemical neutralizers, shovels, brooms, and mops. Use non-sparking tools when working with flammable materials.

Sorbent capacity can be measured in terms of weight absorbed in relation to itself or liquid capacity. Several types of sorbent forms can be used to clean up spills:

  • Booms can control and contain spills. Some work on water and can be connected.
  • Socks, or mini booms, are used in facility spill response or maintenance. They can contain spills or can contain leaks around machinery or other equipment.
  • Pillows are used to clean up medium-sized spills. They can be put under drip pans to prevent overflow or used as a precaution when transferring liquids.
  • Pads can be used to line shelves, to catch leaks under machinery, and to clean up spills. Rolls can be cut to the necessary length for larger spills.
  • Loose or particulate sorbents consist of sorbent media that is not contained in a skin. They are generally used for small spills.
  • Universal sorbents are made of surfactant treated polypropylene or expanded silicate materials. They can absorb any liquid, including acids, bases, cleaners, water-based fluids, gasoline, and alcohol.
  • Do not use an expanded silicate absorbent to clean up hydrofluoric acid because they will react and generate heat. Use a polypropylene sorbent instead.
  • Petroleum sorbents are designed to absorb oil or petroleum-based liquids only. They can be used on water surfaces or for hydraulic and engine-oil cleanup.
  • Maintenance sorbents absorb non-aggressive liquids used in manufacturing and maintenance, such as coolants, lubricants, oils, and cutting fluids. They can absorb both water- and oil-based fluids.


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