50 ct SaniZide Plus® Germicidal Wipe Dispenser Box

Product Code: 050660

SaniZide disinfectant wipes kill E. coli, TB, AIDS, & more on any hard surface in minutes. Individual packets provide a fresh, clean wipe every time. 50 count box.




50 ct SaniZide Plus® Germicidal Wipe Dispenser Box

SaniZide Plus® Germicidal Wipes are the newest addition to the arsenal in the War Against Germs. Its pre-saturated hard surface wipes kill TB, MRSA, VRE, E. Coli and more in 10 minutes and HIV-1 in 2 minutes. When you reach for a SaniZide Plus® Wipe, you get a wipe that is clean wipe after wipe. These towelettes leave behind virtually no lint or particles to scratch or contaminate surfaces. The dual quat, alcohol free formula is non-flammable, safe to ship, and non-corrosive on surfaces. SaniZide Plus® wipes are ready-to-use, convenient and user-friendly.

For Use On All Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces Normally Treated With A Disinfectant.

50 wipes per box.

Wipe Size: 8" x8"



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