Head protection and body protection are important in many industries today keeping workers safe from hazardous situations that can be fatal. Using the proper protection will aid in preventing injury in the work place. Respond Systems has establish a full line of protection products that can be purchased direct from our company for your employees with many items for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose from a wide selection of hard hats, safety vests, rain gear including boots and rain suits, chemical aprons and many other critical protection items for the head and body. Please browse our catalog online for many ideas and mandated items that are critical for the work environment to keep every individual safe and reduce the chance of injury.

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Emergency Evacuation Chair

This chair is the perfect evacuation solution for the mobility impaired. Whether its used in the home or hi-rise building, the Emergency Evacuation Chair is the ideal device for fast, safe evacuation.

Poncho with Hood

Lightweight polyethylene hooded ponchos in high visibility yellow for solid protection from rain and other foul weather.

Tube Tent

Rugged, portable polyethylene emergency tube tent for fast temporary shelter when camping, hiking & during emergencies.

Emergency Mylar Sleeping/Survival Bag

This lightweight, waterproof emergency sleeping bag will be handy and could be a life-saver in case you get caught outside in an adverse weather. Shop now!

Safety Vest – Orange with Yellow Stripes

High visibility safety vests with yellow reflective tape for traffic and search and rescue teams

Safety Vest, Orange, Economy

Orange reflective safety vests for individual rescue worker or hunter, adjustable tie for perfect fit, one size fit all

Emergency Mylar Blanket

The unique reflective material maintains your radiant body heat to help preserve crucial warmth. The blanket is large enough to cover from head to toe, yet small enough to fit in a pocket. It's lightweight and waterproof

Polyethylene Apron, White

Disposable polyethylene work aprons, ideal for work sites, labs, industry, cooking and more.

Polypropylene Lab Coat

polypropylene lab coat, 3 pockets, collar, 10 bags

Polypropylene Shoe Cover, Blue

Blue polypropylene shoe cover, skid resistant, universal size

Apron, Heavy Denim

This heavy denim work apron provides heavy duty protection for a variety of work and industrial settings. 1 side & 1 big pocket.

Polypropylene Beard Cover Universal Size

White polypropylene beard cover universal size