Personal protection is essential for everyday work and in emergency situations. Find the right personal protection products right here at 1st Aid Supplies within our protection, first aid and safety catalog. Choose from protective hearing products like ear plugs and muffs and high quality safety glasses and goggles to protect your eyes. We also have durable head and body protection including hard hats, safety boots and vests as well as gloves in your choice of latex, neoprene, nitrile and many other materials. For breathing safety we offer face respirators, masks and many other personal protection products through this portion of our online safety and medical supply catalog. Each of the categories below offer a great selection for all your personal protection needs. Please view each item for more detail or give us a call today for more information.

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Chemical Splash Goggle

Provide eye protection for chemical splashes with these high-quality, economical splash safety goggles. Vented for comfort.

Pain Away II

Pain Away II strongest pain reliever, provides fast relief to backaches, headaches and muscle aches and pains

Eye Wash 16oz.

Designed for controlled rate of flow #130833

Laminated Workplace First Aid Poster

Our laminated workplace first aid poster offers simple instructions for CPR, bleeding, choking, burns and more. Contact 1st Aid Supplies to order yours.

Emergency Information Center

Wall mounted rack to store and display emergency information and procedures for home, business, and industrial settings.

Safetec Antiseptic Bio-Hand Cleaner

Safetec antiseptic Bio-Hand cleaner kills most germs, evaporates, reduces risk of infection, prevents cross contamination #056140

Select Shoulder Split Leather Palms With Blue Double Palm

Blue double palm select shoulder split leather palms, rubberized safety cuff

LO/TO Belt Pack

Always have it with you lockout tagout kit

Safety Goggles

Safety goggle can be easily worn over prescription glasses and with most half-mask respirators

Bodily Fluid Clean-Up Kit

clean-up kit with necessary items to protect from infectious material during the clean-up of bodily fluids #250100

Comfort Fit Earplugs

Tapered foam design, superior fit and easy insertion, earplugs feature a molded, smooth outer surface, attenuation tested