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Digestible strawberry flavored gel for hypoglycemia and diabetic emergencies. #261600

Triangular Bandage

Non-sterile triangular bandage

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Triple antibiotic ointment, packaged in single-use 0.5 gram packets

Tweezers with Magnifier

Tweezers with magnifier, used for removal of small objects that are hard to see and find, in a plastic bag #150220

Tweezers, Plastic

Single-use disposable high-grade plastic tweezers #150060

Visitor Specs

Protective glasses, lightweight and inexpensive, wall-mountable dispenser holds glasses, with wrap-around lenses. ***Visitor Specs sold INDIVIDUALLY***

Water Treatment Additive

Water treatment additive, just add safety director preservative to your eyewash station and fill with water #131050

Water-Jel Blankets

Water-Jel is water-based and water soluble and contains natural extract better known as tea tree oil to treat burns.

Water-Jel Burn Kits

Water-Jel is water-based, wate- soluble, contains natural extract better known as tea tree oil.