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Sensi-Wrap is an easy to apply bandage, self-adherent, and capable of supporting strains and sprains

Skin Lotion with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Skin Lotion with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to add moisture to skin.

Small Elastic Strip 1 1/2″ x 5/8″

Provide unequaled protected for small wounds in small places with these 1.5” x 0.625” elastic fabric adhesive bandages. A must for any first aid kit.

Small-Sized Emergency First Aid Kits For Cars, Trucks & Vans (19 Pieces)

Small metal vehicle kit fits most glove compartments and backpacks. Ideal for the treatment of minor injuries on the road.

Snake Bite Kit

Emergency snake bite kit provides portable outdoor first aid for a variety of snake bites. Includes tourniquet, suction unit, bandages & more.

Splinter Out

Sterile, disposable splinter removers for one time use eliminate the need to sanitize instruments #150620

Splinter Probe

Splinter probe, sharp triangular blade used for easy removal of splinters #150200


Single or dual head stethoscope makes hearing systolic and diastolic heartbeats easy

Sting Wipes

Single-use first aid wipes provide soothing relief for irritation caused by bee stings & insect bites. Ideal in all outdoor settings.

Stop Bleeding: QR Quick Relief® “Powder Bandage” Stops Blood Loss

Hypoallergenic powder bandage to stop bleeding instantly by adhering to the wound tissue, absorbing the fluid, and forming a seal that will protect against infection and contamination. #103200

SunX Sunscreen

Protect yourself and your loved ones from sunburn with these SunX sunscreen packets. Sweat-free & insect repellent with aloe vera. SPF 30; 50/box.

Super Sani-Cloth

Super Sani-Cloth disinfectant disposable wipes kill TB, HIV & more on all hard surfaces. Ideal for home or industry. 50 wipes per box.