Having the right tools and equipment for search and rescue is critical to responding to a natural disaster and finding victims that may have been injured. The proper tools and equipment can make all the difference in aiding, locating and saving a person’s life after a natural disaster has struck. Within the disaster preparedness portion of our catalog your will find many of the essential tools needed to provide basic first aid response including backboard stretchers and multifunctional pocket tools.

Browse our large line of search and rescue tools and equipment for essential products needed on hand for your organization. Here you’ll find a wide selection of bright orange safety vests, sturdy emergency cots, ventilated safety masks, hard hats and safety goggles in addition to life saving tools including pry bars, Lifehammer rescue tools and handy all-in-one pocket tools that can be used in a hurry to get people out of harms way. Being prepared can make all the difference.

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Basket Stretcher

Welded steel construction, nylon chest straps and adjustable footrest, will accommodate most backboards

Medical Spineboard / Backboard With Straps

wooden backboards, weatherproof marine plywood, clear varnish finish, optional nylon restraining straps

LifeHammer & ResQMe Car Rescue Escape Tool

LifeHammer & Res-Q-Me car escape rescue tools can break car glass and cut a seatbelt. Regular or pocket size to help you get out of the car quickly and easily.

Whistle, Plastic

Whistle, plastic, comes with lanyard

Whistle, Metal with Lanyard

Whistle, metal with string

Whistle, 5 in 1

Disaster and safety supplies, 5 in 1 whistle

Safety Vest, Orange, Economy

Orange reflective safety vests for individual rescue worker or hunter, adjustable tie for perfect fit, one size fit all

Safety Goggles

Safety goggle can be easily worn over prescription glasses and with most half-mask respirators #CR2400

Pry Bar

Pry bar, ideal for prying molding, pulling nails, and scraping

Tape, Duct

duct tape, grey