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Student Emergency Kit with Water Pouches

Contains basic food, water and shelter supplies for one person/student for 3 days. #KT6 ***PLEASE NOTE: AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR SHIPPING MAY APPLY DUE TO WEIGHT***

Student Lunchbox Emergency Kit

Student Lunchbox Emergency Kit for 3 days supplies including food, water, blanket and other emergency supplies. #KT8

Tape, Duct

duct tape, grey

Teacher / Classroom Emergency Survival Kit

This disaster survival kit is perfect for teachers and classrooms. This survival kit comes in a durable and easy to carry Backpack specially designed for teachers; it includes food, water, blankets and other emergency supplies. #KT9

Toothbrush with Toothpaste Tube

Toothbrush with toothpaste tube for emergencies or camping


Digestible strawberry flavored gel for hypoglycemia and diabetic emergencies. #261600

Trauma Kit Soft Bag – Empty

Empty trauma kit over-sized soft nylon bag with various sized compartments

Trauma Starter Bag – Empty

Empty trauma compartmentalized starter bag, easy to carry first responder kit

U-Tube Floating Lantern

U-Tube floating emergency lantern is perfect for emergencies, disasters, camping, and more. Solid state circuitry preserves battery life.

Water Treatment Additive

Water treatment additive, just add safety director preservative to your eyewash station and fill with water #131050

Waterproof Matches

These waterproof matches give you the ability to start life-saving fires in survival and emergency situations. Approximately 50 matches per box.

Whistle – Storm (World’s Loudest Whistle)

Storm Whistle.
The world's loudest whistle.