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Butterfly Bandages

Butterfly bandages are used to close deep lacerations and to heal major cuts. The adhesive surface of the bandage sticks well to skin without sticking to the wound.

Cleansing Towelettes

Pre-moistened, individually wrapped moist towelettes, ideal for camping, outdoors, emergencies, & cars. 100 packets per box.

Deluxe 20-Person Office Emergency Kit

20 Person Deluxe Office Emergency Kit #DOEK-20

Deluxe Classroom Lockdown Kit

Contains the necessary items a classroom should have in the event of a lockdown or disaster. Kit comes in a 5 gallon bucket with toilet seat lid (standard).

Deluxe Office Emergency Kit – 20 Person (Roller Bag Option)

Deluxe Office Kit for 20 Persons in Roll-away Duffle Bag. #DOEK-20 ROLL

Deluxe Office Emergency Kit – 5 Person

This 5-person emergency kit contains all recommended items for emergency preparedness by the Department of Homeland Security. Great prices! Shop now!

Emergency Fanny Pack Survival Kit

Survival kit for 1 person/ 3 days #350045

Emergency Mylar Sleeping/Survival Bag

This lightweight, waterproof emergency sleeping bag will be handy and could be a life-saver in case you get caught outside in an adverse weather. Shop now!

Emergency Purified Drinking Water Packet (4oz)

drinking water, clean water at severe emergency or disaster. 4.22 oz. each #WA13

Fire Blanket

fire-proof blanket, high-visibility orange case with reflective strips

First Aid Kit 36 Pieces

36-Piece First Aid Kit, ideal for individuals or for home, travel-ready #023143