Emergencies and natural or man-made disasters occur daily in our world, often without warning. Since help may not be immediately available the U.S. Government and leading disaster response experts recommend planning ahead to be self sufficient for up to 3 days (72 hours). Be prepared with all the basics in case of an earthquake or other natural calamity. Our disaster/earthquake kits are 100% compliant with the recommended kits by the Department of Homeland Security. We offer specific disaster and emergency kits for individuals, offices and schools to provide immediate first aid care in the event of a natural disaster. These handy kits contain emergency ration water, food, safety supplies and medical care to assist you in surviving the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster prior to professional help arriving on the scene.

We offer volume discounts for bulk orders. We can also do custom kits based on your individual requirements. Our friendly representative would be happy to assist you. Just give us a call.


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Emergency Fanny Pack Survival Kit

Survival kit for 1 person/ 3 days #350045

Individual Auto Survival Kit

Individual auto kit for 1 person/ 3 days #350050

Individual Hard Case Survival Kit

Individual Survival Kit for 3 days emergency preparedness including food, water, blanket and other safety supplies. #IDK1

Student Emergency Kit with Water Pouches

Contains basic food, water and shelter supplies for one person/student for 3 days. #KT6 ***PLEASE NOTE: AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR SHIPPING MAY APPLY DUE TO WEIGHT***

Student Lunchbox Emergency Kit

Student Lunchbox Emergency Kit for 3 days supplies including food, water, blanket and other emergency supplies. #KT8

Teacher / Classroom Emergency Survival Kit

This disaster survival kit is perfect for teachers and classrooms. This survival kit comes in a durable and easy to carry Backpack specially designed for teachers; it includes food, water, blankets and other emergency supplies. #KT9