Bucket Toilets and Emergency Sanitation Supplies

Personal and office sanitation & hygiene during emergency or disaster situations is imperative to avoiding diseases and infections. The aftermath immediately following a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood or hurricane is hectic and chaotic. When a disaster strikes many people forget the basics in a rush to find safety and shelter.

However, once the disaster is over it is necessary to have basic sanitation supplies and products on hand to avoid situations where bacteria and disease can spread quickly. We offer a terrific selection of sanitation products and supplies including portable toilets, privacy shelters, disposable towels and antimicrobial wipes to keep yourself free from germs and bacteria. Returning to a state of normalcy is step one on the road to recovery and taking care of basic sanitation will improve the cleanliness of your space and establish a safe area for victims to wash and tend to wounds.

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Keeping areas in sanitary conditions is crucial to surviving natural disasters and at 1st Aid Supplies we have a terrific selection of sanitary gear including portable toilets and privacy shelters.