Moldex 2850 Respirator Locker With Premium 2800N95 Welding Respirator




Provides hygienic storage of masks for and fits easily in employee lockers and work vehicles. Separate compartment permits storage of the used mask during extended breaks preventing premature disposal of masks. HandyStrap? allows the mask to hang around the neck when not in use. Added carbon layer in the mask gives relief from nuisance levels of ozone. Locker keeps the carbon fresh. Ventex? valve lets the hot air out faster so workers stay cooler. Dura-Mesh? shell resists collapsing in heat and humidity to prolong the life of the mask. Flame retardants added to the shell to help decrease flammability. Can be used for most welding applications. Each locker holds four masks.

Suggested Applications: Welding, foundry operations, lab settings, agriculture, petrochemical and chemical processing, printing, food processing, tobacco, paint & varnish manufacturing, synthetic rubber manufacturing, undercoating, mortuaries, waste processing and sewage treatment. NIOSH Approval: TC-84A-3002.

#300550 4 per locker)


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