Emergency Eye & Skin Flushing Station

Product Code: 019020

Eye and skin flushing station holds 16-ounce bottles of buffered isotonic solution to flush foreign material #019020




Employees who work in environments where they are exposed to dust and chemicals can experience irritation in their eyes and skin that can lead to itching, stinging, burning, and redness. Workplaces should have eyewash stations available to treat eye or skin irritation quickly. Our emergency eye & skin flushing station holds three 16-ounce bottles of buffered isotonic solution. Used to flush away foreign material from the eyes or skin, or as an intermediate step while on the way to a primary eyewash station. Available in a durable Hi-Vis flourescent green acrylic (does not include bottles). This product is classified as a supplemental eyewash station.

#019020 Station only. Bottles sold separately


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