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It is important to have the right kind of safety glove for all your personnel and the different situations they could encounter. Our gloves come in all sizes from Small to XX Large. We carry a wide variety of gloves for all the different situations in your workplace or home. We have gloves for personal safety, exam gloves and work gloves.

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Our hands are something we need to protect at all times and our gloves will provide the greatest protection available today. They are made of quality material and construction so you can be confident you are wearing the best. This is especially true of our bloodbourne pathogens gloves and supplies. You can take care of those around you who need immediate care and know you will be safe.

Some people have allergic responses to latex or vinyl gloves, we carry both. We have Durasafe™ Vinyl Medical Exam Gloves which are mainly comprised of premium synthetic PVC to resist varieties of environmental contaminants and irritants. These are synthetic, non-latex, no-sterile, powder free, disposable, ambidextrous, single use gloves. We also have alternative nitrile gloves for great protection.

Our environmental contaminants and irritant resistant Life Guard? latex gloves are made from the highest quality natural rubber latex to give you, your employees or family members superior hand protection. For ease of wear and removal our gloves are lightly powdered with 100% pure USP cornstarch. For heavy duty jobs we have coated gloves and neoprene gloves. We also carry coated bleached or unbleached gloves, coated gloves with PVC dots, Blue Latex, Criss-Cross PVC, and Heavy Weight Blue Latex, Blue or Black PVC dots and Red Latex gloves.

Protect your hands everyday in the workplace or use them in case of an emergency. Either way, we carry it all. Check out our first aid catalog for the various types of gloves we carry to make sure you get the right protection for your specific job or situation. So whatever the circumstance, workplace condition or emergency situation, we at are here to supply first aid kits and supplies for the home or business with your health in mind.

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