Hands Free Disaster Preparedness Kit

Survival kit for 1 person/ 3 days #350045




Emergency situations can happen suddenly and with little warning, and once they do it's seldom convienient to have to carry around the gear you need to survive.

This survival fanny pack is meant to be compact enough to take on the go for sudden survival situations or to take on hikes, camping, and other outdoor trips. And because it clips around the waist, survival gear can be carried hands free and easily accessed in even the most stressful of survival situations. At only 4 pounds, it won't be a burden. The kit contains enough supplies for one adult person for three days. 

The kit contains:

1 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar

3 - Aqua Blox Water 8 oz.

1 - Solar Blanket

1 - Lightstick,

12 hours green

1 - Toothbrush with Toothpaste

1 - First Aid Kit (36 pieces)

1 - Whistle, metal with lanyard

1 - N95 Flatfold Respirator

1 - Tissue Pack

3 - Wet Naps

1 - AM/FM Radio w/ batteries

1- 5x9 ABD Pad

1 - 2D Industrial Flashlight

2 - D size batteries 

#350045 Hands free Kit


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