Heat Packs & Ice Packs for First Aid

Reduce swelling and inflammation while helping reduce the pain associated with breaks, sprains and bruises by using hot pack and cold pack therapy for instant relief. Our heat and ice pack products offer an easy squeeze and shake technique to activate the hot and cold features in case of an emergency so you can provide necessary relief until professional help arrives.

You can also use any of these instant therapy packs for current injuries if recommended by your doctor or physician. Choose from medium and large sized packs in both hot and cold formulas that can be purchased by the piece or by quantity from our first aid supply catalog. When ordering any of our first aid kits, consider extra hot and cold therapy packs in case of an emergency. You can never have too many on hand in case of an accident.

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Help reduce swelling and inflammation associated with broken bones and sprains by using high quality hot and cold packs available at 1st Aid Supplies.