Hearing Protection

Ear protection for your employees is critical and will protect them from many elements like water, dust, wind and most importantly an individuals hearing due to constant loud noises. By offering ear protection you can reduce the chances of short term and long term hearing loss. Our Ear protection catalog has many different types of hearing protection products like ear muffs and earplugs that are available in a wide variety of types. Our earplugs include reusable and disposable, we even offer ear plug dispensers and individually wrapped pairs depending on the needs of your company. View all of our ear protection products below for the brand that suits your company needs. You can purchase and of our ear protection products online or give us a call for more information. Your hearing is one of the most critical senses you have, protect your hearing with Respond Systems products.
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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has strict regulations concerning occupational noise exposure and protecting workers from hearing damage due to loud industrial or other noises. A hearing conservation program is required to be administered when sound levels exceed those shown in the following table:

Duration per day, hours Sound level dBA slow response
8 90
6 92
4 95
3 97
2 100
1.5 102
1 105
0.5 110
0.25 or less 115

Make sure you’re in compliance with OSHA regulations with hearing protection equipment from 1stAidSupplies.com. We also carry a full line of other PPE for safety and OSHA compliance.