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Get great deals on first aid supplies and equipment for home, the office, industrial workplaces, and anywhere else with We carry a full selection of first aid kit supplies and first aid kit refill supplies including bandages, antiseptics, dressings, medical instruments, OTC medications, CPR products, and even fully-stocked first aid kits, first aid boxes, and wall-mount cabinets.

Being prepared with the proper first aid supplies for any situation is more than just a good idea – it can literally save a life. Whether your're looking for a complete first aid kit for your home or just to stock up on a few items, you can browse our categories below and find everything you need to be prepared and be safe. 

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First Aid can be defined as emergency care given to an individual before regular medical aid can be obtained after an accident, medical complication or natural disaster. First Aid is not something to ignore. At Respond Systems we have researched all the requirements and now carry many types of trauma and first aid kits that contain everything you need for every level of treatment in case of accidents or unforeseen medical conditions. We carry products for burn care treatment, eye care protection, hardhats for disaster relief efforts, different levels of latex gloves, gauzes, tapes, bandages, backboards and so much more. For disaster relief, we have kits which provide food, water, eating utensils, flashlights, blankets and more to provide you with enough resources so that you may survive just that much longer until the proper medical attention arrives to your location. Be sure to browse our site for all the different levels of First Aid available through

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We want to make sure your company and home has everything suitable for immediate medical treatment in case of emergency. While we carry and sell products pertaining to first aid, disaster relief and emergency care, we believe that knowledge is key and have attempted to also educate private citizens and business owners alike in the proper techniques needed in specific emergency situations. This is achieved by including on our website comprehensive family disaster planning information, OSHA resources information for businesses along with Training CDs and Videos on materials handling, eye safety, OSHA certified CPR and first aid training and more.

Before choosing the supplies you feel are needed for your First Aid kit, be sure to consider all the potential risk factors of your living and workplace environment. For instance, a manufacturing plant is an industrial job that can consist of dealing with machines, moving parts and heavy lifting. In an office environment the biggest threat may be a paper cut or banging a knee against the desk. Both environments have potential medical risk factors but one obviously has a bigger chance of requiring advanced medical attention than the other. Be sure to evaluate your workplace for all potential risks capable of requiring the need for a first aid kit before settling on just any.

For the home you may consider the people that live in or visit your home on a regular basis. For insurance reasons, it makes sense to have the most appropriate first aid kit available so as to minimize the potential for more serious injury before professional treatment arrives. Your first aid kit should be placed in a highly visible and easily accessible location in case of emergency. All parties in your home should be knowledgeable in the proper utilization of the different supplies and equipment within your first aid kit. We are an educating company as well as a first aid store. Be sure to visit our training & compliance page for the various training CDs and videos for emergency treatment in the home, on the road or at your place of work.

It is recommended that someone at your home or business participate in a CPR/AED course and utilize the training information available on our CDs and Videos. The more informed you are the more confident and proficient you will be in any type of emergency. When this happens people receive the proper care and recover quicker. is here to assist in accommodating all of your first aid needs, whether at home or in the workplace.