BloodSTOP - Gauze Stops Bleeding and Blood Loss Instantly

Product Code: 103100

Instant relief from bleeding with water soluble hemostatic BloodSTOP gauze that speeds up coagulation and forms a seal over wounds for emergency response measures. #103100




BloodSTOP® Blood-Stopping Gauze 

BloodSTOP® is a revolutionary water-soluble hemostatic gauze which literally stops bleeding in under a minute - whether from a minor wound or major surgery. Upon contact with blood, BloodSTOP® speeds coagulation and expands into a gel that adheres to the surface while applying pressure on and sealing the wound. The protective see-through seal aids in wound monitoring, eliminating the need to remove and attach bandages. BloodSTOP® is 100% natural cellulose.

* Acts in seconds
* Reduces healing time
* Reduces recurring bleeding and protects the wound through its protective seal
* Reduces pain on application and removal
* Easily removed with sterile water or saline solution (water-soluble)
* Allows non-disruptive wound monitoring (becomes transparent)
* Biodegradable
* Sterile and easily opened packaging; lightweight and easy to cut to fit wound sizes

BloodSTOP® comes in a box with 10 Sterile Packets
8 - 1" x 1"
2 - 2" x 2"

#103100 BloodSTOP

If you're in a situation where someone's bleeding and it just doesn't want to stop, having a package of BloodSTOP® gauze handy can solve the problem quickly and safely. That's why a product like BloodSTOP® is a necessity for any first aid kit. In survival situations, the stoppage of blood loss can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major concern. Get a package of BloodSTOP natural gauze today and stop bleeding quickly and effectively.


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