5-Shelf First Aid Cabinet

Product Code: 015023

Ideal for industrial workplaces, large offices, schools, and more, this OSHA-compliant wall-mounted 5-shelf first aid cabinet has everything you need to be prepared for common accidents and injuries.



In the midst of any emergency situation or small incident, it is always a smart idea to be prepared.  With the OSHA and ANSI-compliant 5-Shelf Industrial First Aid Cabinet, these situations can be addressed and taken care of with relative ease.

The 5-Shelf First Aid Cabinet comes with a large variety of products including tweezers, anti-diarrheal caplets and burn relief aerosol spray to help meet the needs of people in large workplaces, schools, homes, garages, offices, classrooms and more.

The 5-Shelf First Aid Cabinet is pre-drilled and can be wall mounted for optimal use and convenience.


Meets or exceeds OSHA guidelines and ANSI standards.

5-Shelf Cabinet Full
#015033 5-Shelf Cabinet - REFILL ONLY
#015043 5-Shelf Cabinet - REFILL ONLY without TABLETS
#015013 5-Shelf Cabinet Empty

Dimensions: 26 1⁄4" x 19 1⁄2" x 5 1⁄2"

The 5-Shelf First Aid Cabinet contains the following:

Quantity Description
1 Plastic Strip 3/4" X 3" 100/bx
1 Fingertip Bandage 40/bx
1 Fingertip Bandage X-Large 25/bx
1 Knuckle Bandage 40/bx
1 Large Patch Bandage 2" X 3" 25/bx
1 Elastic Strip Round, 50/bx
1 First Aid Antiseptic 4oz
1 Burn Relief Aerosol 4oz
1 Cold Spray Aerosol 4oz
1 3" Cotton Tip Applicator 100/vial
1 Gauze Pads 3" X 3" 10/bx
1 Gauze Pads 4" X 4" 10/bx
1 Roller Gauze, 2" X 5yd
1 Roller Gauze, 3" X 5yd
1 Sensi-Wrap 2 inch
1 Small Ice Pack 1/bx
1 Large Ice Pack 1/bx
1 Hot Pack
1 Xtra Strength Non-Aspirin 250/bx
1 Ibuprofen250/bx
1 PainAway II 250/bx
1 Sinus Relief 250/bx
1 Cherry Cough Drop 60/bx
1 Sore Throat 40/bx
1 Antacid Tablet 250/bx
2 Eyewash 4oz Breakaway
1 Eye Cups, 6/Vial
1 Laerdal CPR Face Shield
1 Triangular-Bandage 1/bx
1 Eye Pads Unit, 4/bx
1 Ammonia Inhalants 10/bx
1 Tummy Tabs 42/bx
1 Emergency Compress Bandage
1 Tri-Cut Tape White Cloth Roll
1 Non-Stick Pads 2" X 3" 15/bx
1 Cramp Tablet 100/bx
1 Anti-Diarrheal 12/bx
1 Single Use Thermometer 4/pk
10 Antiseptic Wipes
10 Alcohol Prep Pads
1 Splinter out, 10/Pk
5 PAWS Antimicrobial Towelettes
10 Antibiotic Ointment Packets
10 Hydrocortisone Packets
10 Skin Lotion Packets
10 Lip Aid Packets
10 Dental Relief Packets
1 Visine Pure Tears 4-Pack
1 Tweezers, Plastic 1/per pk
1 Kit Scissors, Wire
1 Burn Relief 4" x 4" Dressing
5 Burn Relief 3.5 gm Packets
1 Nitrile Gloves, 4/bx
10 Bandage Butterfly Med
1 First Aid Guide Book

Note: Actual contents may differ from those shown in picture.


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