All-Inclusive Fall Protection Kit

Product Code: DS-353140

Comprehensive fall protection harness kit that meets all OSHA workplace regulations for workplace safety.



This Safety Director Kit comes complete with:
? MSA FP Pro? body harness
? FP Diamond? shock absorbing lanyard
? Point Guard? anchorage connector
? convenient carrying bag
The vest-style harness with tongue buckle (ATB) leg straps is available with your choice of either a single D-ring or a 3 D-ring. Our harness uses a ?rolled-edge? technology in the nylon webbing that increases durability, and is super-lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. Single D-ring available in standard size (Model #DS-353140) or extra-large size (Model #DS-353160). 3 D-Rings includes one sturdy back D-ring and two hip D-rings for work positioning. Order in standard size (#DS- 353150) or in extra-large (#DS-353170).

#DS-353140 Complete Kit- 1 D Ring Std
#DS-353160 Complete Kit- 1 D Ring XL
#DS-353150 Complete Kit- 3 D Ring Std
#DS-353170 Complete Kit- 3 D Ring XL


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