Visitor Specs

Product Code: CRCL010SD

Protective glasses, lightweight and inexpensive, wall-mountable dispenser holds glasses, with wrap-around lenses



These protective glasses are designed for use by plant visitors. Lightweight and inexpensive. Wall-mountable dispenser holds glasses neatly and allows for easy access. Two different glasses to choose from. The new Visitor Specs-Lite (#CRCL010SD) features a more contemporary and sporty glass with a sleek design. With a flexible bayonet temple and universal nosebridge, these glasses will insure a light, comfortable fit for any visitor. Visitor Specs-Lite fits into our acrylic dispenser. Visitor Specs (#CR9800DSD) offers glasses with a more universal fit. Large enough to fit over most prescription eyewear, these glasses will be sure to accommodate any visitor. The wraparound polycarbonate lenses offer maximum protection and comfort for your guests. Don't take chances. Offer eye protection to every person who walks through your facility.

#CRCL010SD Visitor Specs-Lite
#CR9800DSD Visitor Specs


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