PureFlow 1000

Product Code: 132400

Pureflow eyewash stations, flushes fluid at constant flow, unique nozzle design



This state of the art unit takes eyewash stations into the next millennium with a 24-month cartridge and a unique nozzle design that provides a soft ribbon of Eyesaline at ambient room temperature. (Note: 24 months reflects date of manufacturing and may not reflect expiration upon delivery.) The patented design delivers flushing fluid at constant flow exceeding the recommended 0.4 gpm for the entire 15 minutes, eliminating any decline in pressure found in most other units. The 24-month expiration date is displayed on the pull strap and a Service Immediately warning appears when contents have been used.

#132400 PureFlow 1000 (w/o cartridges)
#132420 Fluid Cartridges
Each ships as a separate package.


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