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Environmental health and safety (EHS) is a broad category that encompasses many work and residential areas. Depending on where you work or live you may be susceptible to a variety of environmental hazards including battery acid, chemicals and gas. Knowing how to detect dangerous levels of gas or chemicals, what to do in the event a leak occurs and how to perform emergency first response aid to clean up hazardous spills can save lives.

In addition, lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures are necessary to keep workers safe from a variety of hazardous situations involving dangerous machines during malfunction or routine maintenance. Browse out selection of EHS equipment below. 

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We offer a great selection of environmental safety products to help protect yourself and your surroundings from dangerous gasses and chemicals. Unfortunately many toxic gasses and chemicals can be invisible to the naked eye and odorless so you may not know you're at risk until it is too late. Having emergency equipment on hand including multi-gas detectors, emergency information procedure guides and record keeping centers will assist you in making your home or workplace safe from dangerous gas leaks and chemical spills.

We carry a great selection of spill kits and battery acid clean-up kits to safely dispose of harmful chemicals and waste. We also have a wide selection of lockout and tag kits to properly identify harmful liquids, chemicals and other gasses and label each with warning labels to prevent accidents.

OSHA regulations for spill containment stipulate that, “Where hazardous substances may be released by spilling from a container that will expose employees to the hazards of the materials, the employer will need to implement a program to contain and control the spilled material. Diking and ditching, as well as use of absorbents like diatomaceous earth, are traditional techniques which have proven to be effective over the years. “

Regarding lockout/tagout procedures, OSHA is also clear that employers must, “establish a program and utilize procedures for affixing appropriate lockout devices or tagout devices to energy isolating devices, and to otherwise disable machines or equipment to prevent unexpected energization, start up or release of stored energy in order to prevent injury to employees.”

Compliance with these and other regulations is about more than just keeping workers safe from harm. Steep fines and other punitive damage is unavoidable for any employer who fails to live up to the Department of Labor’s requirements. protect your workers and your business with EHS supplies and other PPE from 1stAidSupplies.com