Food Bar - 400 Calorie

Product Code: FB04E

Food Bar: 400 calorie survival food energy bar is perfect for any first aid kit.




Millennium Food Bars have a 5-year shelf life and each bar contains 400 calories.

Wheat flour, Vegetable shortening, Cane and Corn Sugars, Dried Coconut,Corn Starch, Corn Syrup, Natural Flavors.
Additives Used: Ascorbyl Palmitate and Lecithin as antioxidant; Calcium Propionate as Antimycotic; Citric Acid, Guar Gum and Salt as Formulation Aids; and Multi-Vitamin Premix.

These food bars maximize the physiological efficiency of water usage by including low sodium levels. They also include a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and calories to prevent dehydration.

This lightweight emergency bar is perfect for traveling, camping, hiking, and disaster preparedness kits. Throw a few of these emergency survival food bars into your first aid kit and be ready for anything. There are energy bars, as well, so you'll be able to keep energized until you can find help. This inexpensive survival food bar is an essential part of any first aid kit and literally a life-saver for any emergency situations. Assorted flavors will ship. Please call us if you need a specific flavor.

#FB04E Food Bar, 400 calorie


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