Blizzard Preparedness

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Blizzard PreparednessWhen winter comes to the north it brings along the potential for blizzards and powerful nor'easters. Though not as hyped as hurricanes and earthquakes, a severe winter storm can cause massive damage too including cars and homes buried under snow and ice, downed power lines and flooding when the snow begins to melt. If you live in areas that are at risk for severe winter storms such as Minnesota, Illinois and upstate New York be prepared for blizzards and nor'easters by having well-equipped disaster and first aid kits to protect you and your family during snowstorms.

In addition to being snowed in and unable to leave your home, severe nor'easters and snowstorms can also be accompanied by spells of sub-freezing temperatures and if the storm had knocked out power in your area staying warm will a high priority. With no electricity you will be without heat and hot water and while waiting for power to be restored you will need warm blankets and kerosene heaters with supplies of fuel to keep from freezing and frostbite. Other suggestions are to keep water running if possible to prevent pipes from freezing and to lower the temperature in the house to conserve fuel.

Having warm clothing including insulated socks, fleece pullovers, wool knit hats, gloves and thermal underwear will also help you stay warm when temperatures drop. Remember to stay active since remaining stagnant will only make cold temperatures worse by lowering your blood circulation. Exercising and moving around often will help to keep your body temperature up and prevent hypothermia.

When preparing for a winter blizzard or nor'easter pack a first aid kit or disaster kit with the following essential supplies:

  • Shovels
  • Candles, flashlights, portable radios and extra batteries
  • Warm blankets and thermal clothing
  • Purified drinking water and non-perishable food
  • Kerosene heater and supply of fuel, backup heat source
  • Tools for shutting off main water valves
  • Plastic sheets for covering and insulating windows
  • Gloves, hats and wool socks

If a winter storm is bad enough you may be isolated for a few days since roads and highways will be covered in snow. If power lines are down due to freezing rain you may be without power during this period so it is essential that you have backup supplies for staying warm and providing light. By stocking up on emergency supplies and fully-equipped first aid kits and disaster kits you have a much better chance of surviving severe winter storms.

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