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Disaster preparedness is a critical factor for the general public as well as disaster relief organizations. Recent history has made us all aware of the dangers of hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis for both the short and long term effects on health and wellness of the general population. It is critical that people are now prepared with the essential equipment and supplies including everything from drinking water and first aid supplies to emergency food and communications.

Within our first aid supplies catalog for disaster preparedness, you will find essential equipment for these situations that can be purchased so you have this essential gear on hand in case a catastrophic emergency occurs. We offer critical products for disaster preparedness for long and short term issues that arise when these natural disaster situations occur.

The products within this category include Disaster/Earthquake Kits that contain emergency supplies in case of natural calamities such as earthquake, Lights, Radios & Communications to stay connected & informed in times of calamities, Emergency Food & Water while waiting for rescuers to reach you, Search and Rescue tools to help victims out of disaster, Storage & Containers for hard goods and water, Sanitation products to promote a clean environment and reduce in the spread of airborne illnesses, Shelter essentials & supplies to keep you protected under extreme condition, and many other tools required in case a disaster occurs. Feel free to call us for more information about our products and information services available.

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Disaster preparedness is essential to all citizens, communities and disaster relief organizations whether state, federal or community based. With the effects of recent natural disasters such as the Indian ocean tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina or the atrocious tornado season of 2006 in the Midwest, all of these situations were handled by utilizing a structured and thought out disaster preparedness plan understanding the short and long term affects of such disaster situations. This plan would consist of highlighting all scenarios possible in a particular situation and providing all the necessary provisions to citizens affected or in a position to be affected by a natural disaster such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, mudslides or blizzards.

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Our catalog of disaster preparedness products include but are not limited to communications equipment, emergency rations, search and rescue equipment, disaster & safety supplies, disaster kits, lighting equipment, sanitation supplies, trauma kits and storage containers for all of your disaster relief equipment and supplies. When looking to keep, yourself, your loved ones and your fellow neighbors free from the repercussions of natural disasters, we here at 1st Aid Supplies have set out to accommodate any and all forms of emergency management or disaster preparedness in your state or community.

Emergency supplies, first aid supplies, perishable food, water, clothing and bedding are the six major necessities the Red Cross advises for homeowners, businesses and disaster relief organizations to have on hand at all times in case of medical emergencies due to natural disasters. 1st Aid Supplies carries major emergency provisions such as first aid kits, trauma kits, hard hats, latex gloves, sleeping cots, medical backboards, respirators, fire blankets, shake flashlights, megaphones and just about everything else needed in your or your community's time of need. All of these materials should be easily accessible for yourself or anyone who is given the task of administering first aid, feeding the displaced, accommodating displaced victims or to maintain a person's condition until more appropriate medical attention arrives. Many of our trauma kits and first aid kits are available in easy to carry cases, duffle bags or backpacks for easy transport and ease of use during an emergency situation.

As in all situations in our life whether good or bad, there is usually a plan we follow to achieve what it is we set out to do. Just the same, during an emergency situation such as a natural disaster, a disaster management plan should already be in place so that individuals have an idea on what to expect and how to react to a specific situation. An emergency management plan can consist of written directions on how to shut off or turn on water, gas and electricity if advised by medical and/or disaster relief personnel. All parties should know how to reach emergency personnel in their area for medical treatment, police assistance and/or advice on what to do during a natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane or earthquake. A structured communication plan should also be implemented so that victims, medical personnel, police, volunteers, firefighters and the many different disaster relief organizations are better able to communicate. This allows for more care and attention to those in need, accommodating and feeding displaced victims and allowing for easy transport of victims and emergency equipment to their respective destinations.

First Respond is your number one source for everything having to do with emergency management or disaster relief efforts in your state or community. Let us help you to prepare for an unforeseen natural disaster with OSHA certified disaster preparedness kits and supplies from 1stAidSupplies.com. We strive to provide the disaster relief equipment needed while also educating future consumers, victims or medical personnel on what to expect during an emergency due to a natural disaster.

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