Cold and Antacid Products

Cold and flu sufferers usually experience several symptoms that can range from sore throats and runny noses to upset stomachs and diarrhea. In our first aid supply inventory we offer many products to alleviate these symptoms and provide relief from discomfort caused by common illnesses. Choose from a selection of antacid tablets for upset stomachs by many major manufacturers as well as anti-diarrhea products like Imodium AD.

Cold and antacid tablets are offered by many major brand names. Use our cold tablets to reduce runny noses, sneezing and coughs. Cough drops are available as well in several great tasting flavors including cherry and lemon. Cold and flu products can be purchased in box units and are ideal ot have on hand in schools and work environments. Be sure to ask our workers and students should if they are allergic to any ingredients within any of the medications above before using them.

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Quickly treat the first signs of a cold or the flu with effective over-the-counter medications for sore throats, indigestion, fever, sinus problems and headaches.