Water-Jel Dressings

Product Code: 160800

Water-Jel is water-based and water soluble and contains a natural extract better known as tea tree oil.



WATER-JEL is a water-based, water-soluble gel that draws the heat out of a burn while it relieves the pain, cools the skin, and protects against airborne contamination. By applying WATER-JEL as soon as possible, the heat of the burn is dissipated and helps prevent the heat from progressing deeper into the skin.

The gel consists of 96% water and has the same cooling effects as water, but because it is thick, it stays on the burn and doesn't evaporate. WATER-JEL also contains a small amount of the natural extract Melaleuca Alternifolia, better known as tea tree oil. This product has anti-bacterial properties to help prevent infection. WATER-JEL also contains thickening agents and preservatives to maintain the gel's viscosity and efficacy and give it a 5-year shelf life.

Sterile Dressings
#160820 2" x 6"
#160860 4" x 16"
#160880 8" x 18"
#160900 Facial Mask


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