BurnAid 4x4 Dressing

Product Code: 163020

BurnAid is water-soluble and non-pigmented. It provides relief from pain and fast cooling of the burn, minimizes trauma, and prevents infection. #163020




Why include BurnAid in your first aid kit?
The key to minimizing the damage caused by a burn is to rapidly cool the affected area. The sooner the burn can be cooled, the less damage will be caused to surrounding tissue. BurnAid is water-soluble and non-pigmented, allowing easy assessment of the burn. It can be easily rinsed off should further treatment be necessary.

  • Rapid relief from the pain of burns
  • Fast cooling of the burn to help prevent tissue damage and aid the healing process
  • Helps minimize trauma
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Water soluble gel which can be easily rinsed off

Available size:4"x 4"

#163020 Burn Aid 4x4 Dressing


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