Super Sani-Cloth

Product Code: 050840

Super Sani-Cloth disinfectant disposable wipes kill TB, HIV & more on all hard surfaces. Ideal for home or industry. 50 wipes per box.



These Super Sani-Cloth disposable germicidal wipes are a great way to protect hard surfaces against contamination with tuberculosis, HIV, and other harmful bacteria and viruses that can be left behind after an accident or surgery. These wipes can be used on a variety of surfaces and equipment such as tables, carts, baskets, counters, cabinets, and telephones in operating rooms, intensive care, and emergency units. Super Sani-Cloth disposable germicidal wipes can also be used on stainless steel, formica, glass, and other hard non-porous surfaces.

#050860 11 1/2" x 11 3/4" wipe 50/box


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