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First aid is a basic treatment that can be initiated to an ill or injured person as a preliminary treatment until certified medical personnel can provide more appropriate medical attention at home or in the workplace. It is a simple and safe mode of treatment that can be initiated by general people with limited medical supplies included in a general first aid kit. However, there are various kinds of first aid supplies available depending upon the medical situation and circumstance. It is important to know the various first aid kits available and the supplies available within while at the same time familiarizing yourself with the proper uses of each product in order to give proper care for a specific medical situation.

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A general commercial or residential first aid kit consists of common materials consistent with every day injuries such as cuts, burns and bruises. Some of the basic products contained within a general first aid kit are gauze, scissors, tweezers, band-aids, eye care protection, latex gloves, blood pathogen equipment, pain relief pills and tablets, tapes, wraps, hot & cold packs and many other common first aid products depending on a patient's condition. While we carry all of the necessary first aid equipment and supplies, there are different kits for different medical situations that transpire every day. It is smart to become knowledgeable in first aid care and treatment so that you may be able to administer the care needed with the first aid supplies provided in your first aid kit from 1st Aid Supplies.

Along with our general first aid kit, we carry auto, truck, boat and RV first aid kits that contain the same products as a general home or business first aid kit. We also carry disaster kits for those displaced or otherwise incapacitated due to a natural disaster. Our disaster relief kit contains food, water, 12 pc emergency first aid kit, a solar blanket, toothbrush, whistle, toothpaste and flashlight for the days and nights during or after a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or earthquake. Be sure to familiarize yourself, loved ones and/or employees with a structured disaster preparedness plan for your environment so that you may be able to maintain yourself and survive until the proper personnel are sent to your location.

For more serious medical injuries on the job or at home, we carry portable trauma kits that are better suited for the more industrial of workplaces. These kits can contain stethoscopes, blood pressure tools, burn care products, eye care products, trauma dressings, emergency blood stoppers, ice packs and everything else that may be useful in a more traumatic medical situation at home or on the job until more appropriate medical staff arrives. All of these first aid products should be made readily available to all people living in your home, working in your establishment or place of business. Be sure to go over all the necessary precautions pertaining to your environment and be sure to maintain full stock in your first aid kit as well as assigning the job of maintaining your kit to someone responsible and trustworthy. As one day a situation may occur where you need something that has run out, what do you do? Makes no sense to get to that point if you do not have to. With easy online ordering and impeccable customer service, we will make sure to help in keeping your first aid kit stocked at all times.

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