ReviveR AED Prep & Response Kit

Product Code: DS-021850

This AED prep kit from ReviveR includes antiseptic wipe, CPR microshield, gloves, EMT scissors, and more to prep for emergency AED usage. Complete kit.




The ReviveR prep & response kit comes in a soft-pack kit with essential supplies that might be needed to treat a person suffering from a heart attack. It can easily be attached to the ReviveR AED with a Velcro strap. The kit also has belt loops so it can be worn around the waist.

The ReviveR prep & response kit includes:

1 antiseptic wipe

1 CPR Microshield

1 pair of emergency medical gloves

1 pair of EMT medical scissors

1 absorbent towel

1 disposable razor

Kit dimensions: 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 1"




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